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A metal workbench is commonly found in the business and industrial sectors as a versatile space to work on projects. Metal workbenches are usually built using stainless steel since it’s strong and resistant to corrosion. The stainless steel creates a strong frame and provides the workbench with a finished look. If the workbench is used where hygiene is important, stainless steel is easy to clean. A metal workbench may be applied in many facets, and many designs exist. Read More…

Metal Workbenches Metal workbenches are usually found in industrial or commercial settings where a multi-purpose space for working on projects is needed. Manufacturers usually build metal workbenches using stainless steel because of its strength and anti-corrosive properties.

Our workbenches come in a variety of styles including ergonomic height adjustable, chemical resistant, ball transfer surface, computer stations, laminar flow stations and more.

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As a workstation manufacturer, Pro-Line offers industrial furnishing that increases employee productivity through creating an improved employee work environment.

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Geolean USA is your go-to partner for redefining workstations and elevating your workspace experience. Join hands with us to unlock the full potential of your work environment, where every workstation is a catalyst for productivity and success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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This progressive workstation manufacturer creates flexible, ergonomic solutions for a variety of work environments. ESD, clean room & lab benches, ball transfer assembly workstations, material handling flow rack stations, quick ship modular work benches & great accessories. With everything in-house, we ensure quality workmanship, great lead times & competitive prices for even custom bench designs.

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SteelSentry is a leader in industrial workstations and furniture. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and offer the best warranty available. Our products are built for strength and durability and we manufacture a wide range of products from workbenches to computer stations to lab carts to clean room furniture and more. Customization is always an option and we will build to your exact specs.

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Production of metal workbenches generally starts with metal fabrication, where metal sheets are cut to size and shaped into components of a workbench. After the pieces are molded into the proper form, they are welded together. Automated welding machines are the most common for this step since they are more precise and faster. Metal workbenches are perfect for home garages and engineering workshops because they are sanitary, easy to clean, need less maintenance, and resistant to all common greases, oils, chemicals, and solvents.

Considerations When Choosing a Metal Workbench

The different considerations when choosing a metal workbench include:

Medium or Heavy Duty

Depending on the application of the metal workbench, a medium, heavy, or super heavy-duty workbench will be an option. The variations between these metal grades are the steel thickness and weight of the workbench. For example, a super heavy-duty workbench can have a 0.08 in (2 mm) galvanized steel coat and a 1.7 in (44 mm) thick hardwood core, while a medium-duty workbench could have just a 0.008 in galvanized steel top without a core.


A metal workbench is available in a wide range of sizes that suit many requirements. The most common sizes (WxDxH) are as follows:

  • 1200 x 750 x 840 mm
  • 1500 x 600 x 840 mm
  • 1500 x 900 x 840 mm
  • 2000 x 600 x 840 mm
  • 2000 x 750 x 840 mm
  • 2000 x 900 x 840 mm

However, extensions on all sides of these sizes are normal. The space where the workbench will be placed must be measured and the type of work considered.

Bench Accessories

Metal workbenches are modular, meaning many accessories can be added to build them into anything required. Cupboards, shelves, drawers, dedicated vices, lighting rails, and much more can be added to build the ultimate workstation.

Type of Steel

Workbenches are commonly made from heavy-duty mild steel angle iron; they must be of the galvanized variety. Mild steel is remarkably strong and durable and is also called plain steel or carbon steel. It is ideal for industrial use, home, and workshop use.

Type of Surface

Stainless steel workbenches are known for having sturdy and easy-to-clean surfaces and scratch-resistant outer layers. However, stainless steel is not the best choice for metal-to-metal wear because these connected pieces can fuse together over time. For example, this can happen to metal nuts in frequent, substantial contact with other metals, screws, or bolts. Another factor to consider is that stainless steel is vulnerable to acids thought resistant to stain. Over a long duration of exposure, steel may also be susceptible to industrial dyes.

Durability and Weight Requirements

It’s essential to consider the impact, weight, and wear and tear a workbench will experience. 18 gauge economy workbenches are less expensive, lighter, and may be used as a common working space. In contrast, 16 gauge standard duty workbench tops are more durable. For heavy-duty requirements, 14 gauge heavy-duty workbench tops are corrosion-resistant and withstand heavy blows without dents.


Sometimes it is necessary to move around the stainless steel workbench. For instance, to address space constraints or to move equipment. For these instances, a stainless steel workbench with handles and wheels called a stainless steel cart is an ideal choice and can be mobilized easily.

Adjustable Height Workbench

An adjustable height workbench must be considered when more than one person uses the workbench. In today’s health-conscious workplaces, ergonomics plays a significant role in preventing workplace injuries. A wrongly adjusted workbench may lead to muscular and skeletal issues, like muscle strains. There’s also raised awareness of the negative health concerns of excessive standing and sitting.

Types of Metal Workbenches

The different types of metal workbenches include:

Standard Workbenches

Standard workbenches are multipurpose and may be applied in many industrial and laboratory settings. While they can be applied in various settings, they are customizable to make them more individualized.

Production Workbenches

A production workbench stimulates productivity and efficiency in laboratory, manufacturing, or material handling environments.

portable workbench with adjustable height mechanism

Cantilever Workbenches

Cantilever workbenches have a design that includes a formed steel front beam and rear panel. This design reinforces the structural reliability of the workbench and is perfect for environments that require a heavy-duty workbench.

Material Handling Workbenches

For material handling businesses, productivity and organization are important. Therefore, material handling workbenches are constructed to stimulate efficiency for packing tables and shipping stations.

 adjustable height workbench

Advantages of Metal Workbenches

The major advantages of steel workbenches are as follows:

  • These workbenches are durable and can withstand a lot of work.
  • They will hold up for many years.
  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • They are easy to clean.

Choosing the Right Metal Workbench Manufacturer

To make sure you have the most productive outcome when purchasing a metal workbench from a workbench company, it is important to compare at least 5 manufacturers using our directory of metal workbench companies. Each metal workbench manufacturer has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each metal workbench company website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple metal workbench businesses with the same quote.

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